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Suggestion: "Weekend Pass" in the lingot store

I suggest that you all add a streak freeze for a two day weekend "pass". Sometimes it is hard to remember to reinstate the one day streak freeze if you are the beach. I'd be willing to pay 20 lingots for that! My wife says she has that in the Italian course, why not for Spanish too?

April 18, 2018



I think this is a great idea. I would even be willing to cough up a premium: 30 lingots for a "weekend pass" and 100 lingots for a seven day "backpacking vacation / no cell service" freeze.


ClarkStephen -- you are a genius! Thank you.


I like it; I also would love other ways to make use of lingots :D


It's not the course; it's the version. It's available on the Android app, but not on the Web site. I do not know if it is available on the iOS app. (Nor do I know if it is or isn't the subject of an A/B test thereby making it available only to certain users on certain platforms.)

This is how Duolingo works.


So this is an A/B test atm? Just to confirm with what 2 other people have said?

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Would also like the weekend pass to keep in my store until i need it. i bought one once hoping it would keep like regular freeze, but nope, it disappeared.

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