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  5. "老师要热茶。"


Translation:The teacher wants hot tea.

April 18, 2018



I understood Yao to mean need or want. I chose to say the teacher needs hot tea for this sentence, knowing I could just say wants depending on context. Not accepted, so I reported it .... but if i’ve not got it right I’d like to know?


I think it's technically a correct translation, but to say someone "needs" something suggests an urgency. And it's not so common that someone urgently needs hot tea. Someone wanting hot tea is far more common.


In English the word 'want' actually also has an aspect of needing in it. For instance it is possible to say "He wants a new coat", if the old one gets too old. Or, people are in want of xxx (necessary items).


需要 (xu yao) is need, 要 (yao) is want.


Want vs wants . taking away my hearts like it is a joke


Why is not writing in pinyin anymore? Or is just my cellphone?

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