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  5. "Your body is yours."

"Your body is yours."

Translation:Ton corps t'appartient.

April 19, 2018



Would it also be appropriate to use "Ton corps est le tien" here? Duo doesn't accept it, but I'm wondering if it would be alright in conversation


I agree. What's wrong with that answer?


I put that, too, and I believe it is correct. Also, the correct answer I got was "Ton corps est à toi." The one above: "Ton corps t'appartient." means "Your body is a part of you" or 'Your body belongs to you." They all seem pretty close.


Yes, "Your body belongs to you." should be accepted as correct when translating from the French "Ton corps t'appartient." Do you see your typo MaryAnne993219?

Try reporting the corrected version if it is not accepted there.

Jbburkholder "Ton corps est le tien." should definitely be accepted as correct, as well as "Ton corps est à toi.", for the English "Your body is yours." I hope that one of you reported it.


lol. I just fixed the typo after one year !!!


Yes, I agree also. That seems like the only translation of the English possessive pronoun 'yours'.


No, there is more than one way to word this. Scroll up for more information.


Ton corps est à toi ?


Yes, "à toi" is also a way to say "yours."


Would "Ton corps est soi même" also be correct?


No, you are missing “á”.

« Ton corps est à soi même. » would be “Your body is your own.”


Yes, I think that "Ton corps est le tien" should work. Any native speakers with a reason why not?


Why the verb is ended with -ent, but corps is considered as singular and preceded by ton.


The verb form “appartient” is actually the singular 3rd person form. The plural would have been “appartiennent”, which would have been wrong for this sentence. http://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-french-verb-appartenir.html


In this example is it the case that the use of 'appartenir' is not reflexive here? (Although the 't' makes it appear so.)

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