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"Elles sont patientes et respectent les opinions des autres."

Translation:They are patient and respect the opinions of others.

April 19, 2018



The solution above is correct. However, in the program itself the given solution is missing the apostrophe on the end of "others'."


Yes. This is a bug. Apostrophes after plural nouns are not recognized by the system. The staff has been informed of the problem, but I don't know the timeline to fix it.


How can one know when des autres means of others and not of the others? Can both be correct?


Yes, I wrote "the others" and it marked me wrong but I still feel so right.


I said, "They are patient and have respect for the opinions of others." I was marked wrong for not having the second THEY, which is not necessary. Can you fix it for me.


I think Duolingo corrected you for the have respect for part rather than omitting the second "they." "To have respect for" would be translated as "avoir du respect pour." Your translation changes respect from a verb into a noun and that is likely where you were corrected, though the meaning is similar.


patients ,plural!

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