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Correct pronunciation for 'Ella': eyya or ejja?

What is the correct pronunciation for 'Ella': ~eyya or ejja? I have heard both the pronunciations in the lessons. Does it depend on some context?

April 19, 2018



Choose the one you like, both are correct as is sh from Argentina. It's not based on context, just preference of speaker.

Compare the different pronuncations of llorar for instance - https://forvo.com/word/llorar/#es


My Spanish teacher is from Argentina. It took me a little while to get used to her pronouncing ella like "asia"! I'm used to accents from North or Central America.


Thanks, I assume the same applies to the pronunciation of "yo"


The voices in Duolingo are computer-generated and often not a reliable gauge of how something is pronounced. I highly recommend the website forvo, so that you can hear how real people from all over the world pronounce any particular word. https://forvo.com/word/ella/


It depends on dialect and speaker's preferences. In most dialects, both y and ll sound the same, [ʝ], listen to the audios.


Muchos gracias, amigos!

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