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  5. "I am eating a pizza."

"I am eating a pizza."

Translation:Je mange une pizza.

April 19, 2018



In ancient France, men handled responsibility of cooking for the king and the court. However, during one of the wars, France was short on men and all men were forced to take arms. The women became responsible for the kitchen, and one such woman named Pizza came up with the idea of pizza. In addition to naming the dish after her, to honor her great invention, the pizza was given a feminine status.

Now although I've totally made up this story, I hope that pizza is feminine will get registered well in your brain.

Okay bye!


I am not even mad as an Italian speaker because this helped me.


Now I won't surely forget! Great storytelling my friend :D


Loved the story Mohit ✋


This may be a random post but it's scary that one of my answer choices was "Actuellement, je mange une fille" which is "Now, I am eating a girl" (O_O) wut did i just see lol


The distractor sentences are randomly generated with the words already available, sometimes resulting in unfortunate/alarming combinations!

I blame a drunk owl...


Une vs un with objects? I thought une was with feminine and un was not... But what about objects like pizza vs orange or pomme?


In French objects are all assigned a gender. Pizzas, oranges, and pommes are all feminine nouns, so "une pizza," "une orange," and "une pomme." Some masculine nouns include livre (book), stylo (pen), and vélo (bike), "un livre," "un stylo," and "un vélo."

This is a tricky aspect of French and it is best to memorize the indefinite article (un or une) along with the noun as though it is part of the word, because in a way it is. This will save you a big headache later!


So, french are sexist ? Lmao


Like most cultures these days, and especially western cultures.


And that's why its sad


Translations of the incorrect options are "I am eating a woman," and "I am eating a woman right now," just in case you need to know how to say those things.


Why does "mange" mean both "eat" and "am eating"? I saw it several times and duolingo take the both translations correct.


Yes, je mange means both I eat and I am eating. French doesn't have the continuous present tense like English. Context is sufficient to tell whether someone "is eating" or "eats" in French.


CommeuneTexane Please tell me about this. At some places, I saw 'mange'='is eating', and 'manges'='am eating'. But here. They are saying that 'Mange=am eating' . What is this going on?


Hi, somehow your comment was deleted before I could answer it. "Mange" can be either "am eating" or "is eating" depending on whether it is the first person singular or the third person singular.

je mange → I am eating
tu manges → you are eating
il/elle/ on mange → he/she/one is eating


Thank you. Actually I think i deleted it because I figured the answer from some another source. Thanks for clearing the doubt anyways.


is there a reason why "suis" isn't in the sentence?


Je mange = "I eat" / "I am eating"

All french verb tenses translate into both simple and progressive form in English. There is no to be + verb in gerund construction in French.

There will be a similar construction for something is in progress, but you'll learn about it later.


I had the same query


You would be saying: I am am eating. You only need one "am" which already is included in the verb.


How will get to know the sequence of the words to be put together to form a meaningful sentence ?


Some of the words are in a slightly different order than English, but basic structure is the same as English for a sentence: subject + verb.

In the beginning, please hover your mouse over new vocabulary words. This will give you hints and help you with the sequence.


Is it even correct saying 'a pizza' in english? O.o


Sure. Pizzas are countable nouns. For your family you may order a pizza, but for a hungry football team you may order 7 or 8 pizzas.


what is the difference between "mange" and ",manges"


verb conjugation. Look up "conjugate French verb manger" and you will find the six forms you need to learn


“Je mange.”= “I eat.” “Tu manges.” = “you eat.” “Il/Elle mange.” = “He/She eats.” It's simply a matter of the rules for conjugation of -er verbs, and specifically the verb “manger” (infinitive form) meaning “to eat” in French.


Are all foods feminine? Is there any general logical grouping to masculine and feminine, or is it all more or less random?


No, some foods are feminine and others are masculine. Your best bet is to memorize the indefinite article (un or une) with the noun. Think of it as a part of the word.

un sandwich
un café
une bière
une orange


How do I know if it is "I eat or I am eating"?


The French present tense does not make this distinction between present and present continuous tense like English. Either translation is correct.


Every time i answer with 'mange' it's 'mangent' and vice versa, I'm struggling to understand which context both are to be used in :/


Mange is the form of the verb that goes with the subject "je= I" Mangent is the form of the verb that goes with the subject "elles/ils=they" You do need to find the verb conjugated ( online) and learn the conjugations. Its quite easy, just type into google "conjugate French manger" and you will find several sites


For all the people of the future it is 15 September 2020 18:51 Merci


Why is "J' mange une pizza" incorrect and "Je mange une pizza" correct?


Certain words are contracted in both English and French to make them easier to say..or rather, we leave off sounds when it is hard for the tongue to say they together. In English it is usually an option. In French is it often required.

We only drop the 'e' on Je when the next word starts with a vowel SOUND. Mange starts with a consonant so you never drop the 'e'.


Why can't it be Je suis mange une pizza


There is no such structure in French as je suis (verb), as in English.

Je mange can mean I eat and I'm eating based on context.

There will be a Je suis en train de manger structure and you will learn about it later. It means I'm eating (right now). But as you can see it also differs from the English structure.


I can't difference out between mange and manges


Je mange, tu manges, il/elle mange. = I eat, you eat, he/she eats.

The French pronunciation is the same but the pronoun is different.


Pizza was at first only eaten by peasants, but one day a king asked his chef to make dinner for him and his royal friends, and so he made pizza. The king declared the dish wonderful. That is the true story of pizza. Of course, it got better as the years went by.


That's great ☺️


If 'I am a girl' is translated as 'Je suis une fille' Then why 'I am eating a pizza' is translated as 'Je mange une pizza' Instead of 'Je suis mange une pizza' ??


The translation of your last question would be: I am am eating a pizza. Why? Because the present tense in French is the same as TWO tenses in English. So "Je mange une pizza" means two things. It can be: I eat a pizza OR I am eating a pizza. It means both. So you don't need a second "am". This is true of ALL French present tense verbs.


When to use mange vs manges


Oh i always get cpnfused in mange and manges


The s goes to the 3rd person of English verb (she/he eats) and 2nd person of French verb (tu manges).

Imagine a football match: England 3-2 France


Hey i worte corret and is telling it wronhe


Does mange mean is eating,are eating and eating all three please if you have the answer just reply don't post it in the place where you ask questions

Thank you


Not completely. Every French verb in the present tense, translates into two English tenses: present and continuous. So I eat, and I am eating...both back translate to French: Je mange.

The difference between, is eating and are eating is English grammar. She is eating, but ...We are eating. There is no just straight "eating". You must use the helping verb TO BE if you are going to use ...ING.

It is the same verb tense but

the first is for s/he and

the second is plural (we, you plural, they)... sort of.

I am eating, you are eating, she is eating,

we are eating, you are eating, they are eating.

IF you are trying to learn French and English at the same time, I think it could be confusing. Keep going.

I don't know what you mean by "reply don't post". I only know how to post a reply.


I was writing but by mistake I kept that ok button but your game is so nice it's so nice to play it's giving fun and even I learnt so many things in French


Hello dual Lingo I love your game I learn so much from French Spanish from all the languages and I got many things basic things in French it was so nice it's giving so much of fun if I am bored I will play the sunday I get lots of fun playing this game thankyou Duolingo


Hello! This is my first time learning French and i love it.

When can I use "manage" and "manges"


First, have you learnt any languages that conjugate verbs a lot? For French you need to learn how to conjugate verbs into their 6 forms in the present tense. The other tenses are also conjugated but we are not learning them yet.

I suggest you go to google and type in: conjugate French verb manger. That will show you when to use each of the six forms. You can do this with every verb.


Its a very good app for learning all the languages


There is something wrong because une is an not un


une and un both mean the same thing = a (or sometimes one).

Use une for feminine nouns. In this exercise "pizza" is a feminine noun so we use: une pizza.

Use un for masculine nouns.

AN is an English word (not French) and is used in English when the next word starts with a vowel sound. eg an ant, an opal, an eagle.


I dont understand sex


Do you mean GENDER? Gender is whether something is considered feminine or masculine in character. Many languages have historically considered nouns of a more feminine or more masculine character. However over time the gender of many nouns has changed so that now, a noun's gender is mostly random and doesn't make much sense. It is just how people have gotten used to speaking and writing.

So for you, you just learn which gender a noun is as you learn the words.


eu quero saber como que posso botar as frases em português por que eu não entendo inglês


Duolingo app is really good like i am understanding every single word


Thiere is no suis!!


That was luck by chance


What is the diffrence bettween mange and manges


Can u explain once again


If you want help, you need to say what you want help with. Explain WHAT again? Your classmates are often happy to help you but we can not if you don't tell us what you need help with.


I put "je suis mange une pizza" and got it wrong :/


If you read the discussion you will see that:

Je mange = both I eat AND I am eating.

So you put: I am am eating. This is true of all French verbs in the present tense. Suis is ONLY used when you want to say: I am... an occupation, a girl, a human (when talking to aliens) or other identifying word.


Why is pizza feminine? That makes no sense


I suggest that you let go of trying to make sense of which words are feminine and which are masculine. Really, there isn't much rhyme or reason, it just is. Just memorize the article with each new noun, use the new vocabulary frequently, and eventually it will seem "natural" that a pizza is feminine.


why does french people dont pronounce h's?


My native language is portuguese and we also have a genre pretty much for every noun. As I'm used to ~ feminine pizza ~ it's actually weird to imagine pizza as a masculine noun.

(trivia: not all of the genres match in pt x fr, so is confusing sometimes)


My native is Serbian, and we have feminine, masculine and neuter gender for nouns, pizza is also feminine in Serbian, but the rest don't really match quite as well with french :/


Yeah, they can be different in every language. :( It's hard, especially if you already know one language with genders.

I like to imagine what I learn and I usually imagine French characters (Fourmille Gratule and Obelix) with the French nouns and Norwegian characters (Anna, Kristoff and Olaf for neuter from Frozen) with the Norwegian nouns. That way I can learn the nationality and the gender at the same time.

If I will learn Serbian, I think I will use Stein, Lynn and Hurricos (the dragon) from the comic Ravine. :)

(I used Sophie Marceau and Jean Reno when I started to learn French but I realized that I remember better if the image is more cartoonish, I guess, because it can be funnier.)


why isn't it je suis mange une pizza?


Je mange means both "I eat" and "I am eating." French doesn't être to form a present progressive tense like English uses to be.


You would be saying: I am am eating...


I AM EATING A PIZZA. Come on Duo! I put "Je suis mange une pizza"! Am I wrong???


That isn't correct. French does not have a continuous present tense like English, and je mange means both "I eat" and "I am eating".


You said " I am am eating a pizza".


Ce n'est pas "une" pizza, c'est "un" pizza. Pizza is masculine not feminine.


You may want to consult a dictionary before asserting that.

It's une pizza

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