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  5. "Watajifunza kingereza"

"Watajifunza kingereza"

Translation:They will learn the English language

April 19, 2018



Please note that "(the) English (language)" translates to Kiingereza instead of the current shown kingereza. Actually, it was announced officially on the DL incubator page for Kiswahili in 2017 that it needs to be corrected for the whole tree from programming side, so just keep in mind it has to be Kiingereza with ii. You may use the report button and remind politely for correction whenever you see the wrong version. 4-Nov-2018


This is incorrect English. Correct answers would be 1. 'They will learn English' (most common) 2. 'They will learn the English language'


Or at a stretch "They will learn the language English" although that kind of sounds to me like English is some obscure language the listener might not have heard of ... which would be a strange thing to say in English.


One place has kingereza and on another question, it has kiingereza.


Kiingereza is correct, while Kingereza still needs correction. Please press the report button at the next opportunity to draw contributor's attention to this vocab. 13-Dec-2020

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