good sentance?

Ich liebe mein frau, sie ist der beste! i love my wife, she is the best!

10 months ago

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Well, it sounds like the gender of your wife is a bit grammatically mixed up :P

Ich liebe... - good!

...meine Frau - needs the form of mein- to match the feminine noun Frau. All nouns need to be capitalised, too.

(Then it's better to use a full-stop, I think. Or maybe even a semicolon!)

sie ist... - good!

...die Beste - here it's getting tricky, using a nominalised adjective. Basically you're saying ...die beste Frau but leaving off Frau and turning beste into a noun. When doing this to describe a noun for which the gender is known (as it is for Frau here), you need to make the gender match too.

10 months ago

Also I want to add that 'sentance' is not spelled right. It's spelled as 'sentence'. :)

10 months ago
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Hi tylerstone, yes, your sentence is very close to correct, only instead of "der" (referring to your wife) use die. Good luck!

10 months ago

frau and beste should be capitalized because it's a noun: Frau, Beste

*note that ALL nouns are capitalized

10 months ago
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