"Der Stuhl ist klein."

Translation:The chair is small.

March 23, 2013

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"Stool" is suggested... and should be accepted?

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    No, it only means stool in the sense of excrements.


    I don't understand this. In english stool can mean excrement, or a chair? So why not have stool as a translation? And from context we assume we are translating to the stool that means chair


    The thing is that stool is only used for a particular kind of chair-like item. It doesn't mean chair in the general sense. So a Stuhl is a chair and a stool is a Hocker.


    If I may interject....

    Stuhl = chair
    Stuhl = stool (as in poop)
    Hocker = stool (as in bar stool)

    So "Der Stuhl ist klein" could very well mean "The stool (poop) is small", and "should" be an accepted translation. This is what I think Grumpy is getting at.

    If that's the case, where "Der Stuhl ist klein" can be translated as "The stool (poop) is small", and that this is what Grumpy is getting at, then I dare say (to Grumpy) that if the German team accepted "The stool is small" (meaning "the poop is small") it would unintentionally teach people that Stuhl = stool (as in bar stool). If this was the first time you came across "Der Stuhl ist klein", and you put in "The stool is small" meaning a bar stool (completely likely as the words are super similar...it would be a common thing to do), and Duo marked it as correct, you'd be learning the wrong definition, and likely use Stuhl incorrectly from that point on.

    If I've made any incorrect assumptions here, forgive me.


    Yeah, thank you, that's kinda what I was trying to get at. I was thinking of stool and chair as interchangeable, like given the context I think it's obvious I'm not translating Stuhl to mean poop. But now I think I get what you're saying about stool and chair be distinct words. So thank you! :)


    Oh s**t, I didn't realise that.


    Ugh, I hate it when a translate voice one comes up. You can barely hear them clearly even slow and do your best at spelling and get them wrong.


    You can turn those off in the settings: https://www.duolingo.com/settings/account. I would assume that you need to turn off the speaker.


    Hello everybody, I am Spanish native speaker, could someone explain me the spelling of this german word "der Stuhl", I am a little confused about last sound "l", it seems to me like spanish sound "e" (estue) or spanish sound "l" (estul)...


    So die Stuhl Ist nicht gros (Sorry, can't do umlauts.

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