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Vocal distortion

La femme in Duolingo French talks too close to the mike, causing air to distort the sound. Being hard of hearing, it is very frustrating. I can understand sounds better on other french programs so will be quitting. Good program, otherwise. C

April 19, 2018



Sorry for your frustration. I take a reverse course and sometimes have to listen to my native language on slow speed because the sound is hard to hear!

Which other programs have better sounds?


I started a Swedish course which sounds just fine. I have no other complaints. Since it's free, I shouldn't complain, perhaps. C


Has a live voice been added? The last time I used the French course and any other Duolingo course all the voices were TTS (text to speech).


My French course has always had some vocal. It has been updated with a new format but the same problem continues. L'homme is ok.

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