woch ?

Where does the adjective "woch" (tall) come from?

It's introduced in an early lesson, but I can't find it in Okrand's TKD nor KGT.

April 19, 2018


When you can't find a word in TKD or KGT, go the Klingon Language Institute's list of new Klingon words. This gathers all new words delivered by Okrand in one form or another, and makes a note of the source.

In the case of woch, it was revealed in an article in the KLI's now-defunct journal HolQeD, volume 13 issue 4. I think it was printed in Spring 2004.

By the way, Klingon does not technically have adjectives. woch is a verb, and like all "be something" verbs, it can be used like an adjective by following a noun or noun phrase. This course uses the term adjective somewhat loosely and misleadingly.

woch loD.
The man is tall. (a sentence)

loD woch
tall man (a noun phrase)

Thanks for that link!

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