french orthography

i'm still trying to get my mind around the way french is spoken and the way is written it is completely illogical like english .you don't hear the silent letters in spoken form but see them in writing everything sounds the same.,the conditional and future tense,the past particles and the passse compose,

anybody sort out this confusing stuff here ?

April 19, 2018

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about the silent letters:
final e (or es) is always silent, except in one-syllable words like je or le

-ent endings for 3rd person plural forms (such as ils parlent) are always silent (don't confuse with other words that end in ent such as vent where it's pronounced like ã)

in verbs that end in -er (such as aller) the r is silent

h is always silent except in ch combinations where it's usually pronounced like "sh" in shot and tch where it's pronounced like "ch" in church

final b, d, g, p, s, t, x, z are usually silent

more info here

April 20, 2018

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