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Doulingo used to be so interesting

I used to be able to practice for about 3 hours a day but now i can't. Why? i get so bored because i have to answer the same exact question(literally, word for word) at least 50 times before i can clear a level. It is quite dull and unmotivating. I get that repetition is important for learning a language but 2 or 3 times for a question is sufficient in my opinion . And then if i would like more practice on the same i can always come back to that same level.

April 19, 2018



I agree so much. It's not because of crowns for me (crowns are what motivate me) but I feel so uninterested to start doing lessons on my tree. I have such little motivation. It's odd


i know. Even just opening the app is so hard for me now.


Me too... I quite like Crowns... Maybe it's the fact that anything could change like snaps that.


If by "clear a level" you mean "go from level 0 to 5", yeah. So don't try do do that all at once.

You want to practice for three hours? Great. Do one lesson from each skill. Then the next day do it again. It won't seem so repetitive.


That's what I was going to suggest too. You don't have to clear a level before you can learn other skills. However, my motivation has also dropped drastically since the upgrade to Crown Levels. My activity on Duolingo is now almost zero. It's not like now I can't learn the language anymore; I'm using lots of other resources. But Duolingo used to be fun for me, and it would be nice to complete the French tree. I may never do that anymore. And I really miss testing out. Plus, the exercises seem to have become too easy. I don't want to have to repeat sentences tons of times before I can translate them into the target language.


You can test out on the website: click as if to start a lesson, then remove the number from the end of the url, and you'll be presented with the skill page you're familiar with.

Alternatively, within the app, checkpoint tests are available even if you had previously finished the tree.


That's interesting. It has been the opposite for me. Since the update, I have probably tripled the time I spend on Duolingo each day. I don't spend all my time on one skill, but work on multiple ones throughout the week to provide variety. I also do some work with Tinycards to help strengthen my vocabulary.


I agree with you. I am still here because I have a long streak, and will try to get to 1000. After that I will most probably move to some other languages learning site


Hang in there! 100o is so close.


Wow, I feel like I found my therapy room because I feel the same way as most of you. Since the change my motivation has been cut in half, sometimes I look at the screen for a while and say ok lets go, time to do it.


Agreed. Tedious. I used to enjoy getting in some duolingo time. Now it has become such a chore.


For me the new tree has given me more things to do. I do the stories in the lab (though I have finished all sets now). Since I have the iOS app, I also joined a club to work on writing in French. I will probably do some practicing as I am I person who has to practice otherwise I forget. Using other sites for other experiences is a very good idea.


crowns suck...i cant test out of all the different lessons i already know and its slowing me up. But if we just have to keep crowns...cool, just let me test out of lessons I know already


Yeah, I really miss testing out. It also seems the exercises are more easy.


I'm still testing out of skills in French, because otherwise some of them require 10 lessons just to reach level one and move on.

If you start a lesson, delete the lesson number off the end of the URL, and reload the page, it takes you to the old skill page with the vocabulary lists and the 'test out' button. (At least in the web version; I don't know about the apps.)


I agree, i feel so uninterested, the only thing that keeps me going is that i want to learn spanish. it is strange


I agree with you too. It seems to me that the crowns are more challenging but I cannot feel motivated enough to stay as long as I used to


I totally agree! not crazy about the recent changes!


I actually quite like the repetition that is a part of the new feature. It helps me. The reason why I'm not bored with the new Duolingo, I think, is because I spend far more time in Memrise than in here.


For me, the health system is what prevents me from opening the app. My data use was through the roof and it inspired me to upgrade to Plus and download my lessons for offline use. That's great, but the whole concept of "offline" is extremely half baked in DuoLingo - practice is not available offline. I don't mind having to practice to get new health (although it should really start you with more health - what they give you it not enough), but when I'm on the subway and lose all my health and then I can't get it back because practice is not available offline, well that's a huge bummer and makes me wonder why I even upgraded to Plus. What would be so hard about allowing us to practice without a connection?

I sort of agree with you about the repetition. I hate when I go to a new lesson and it contains some of the same questions from the last lesson. Although in principle, I'm someone who needs some degree of repetition for things to sink in.


Yes, Duolingo used to be fun, you had a clear goal. Now it is all so fuzzy. I spend more time but inefficiently as I have to repeat the same question tens of times. What a pity, it used to be good and fun. Now it is definitely no fun anymore. If it is good, time will show. I am so disappointed


Duolingo is so boring now. Way too many exercises per level. This morning I finished a crown level that had 45 sets. That is ridiculous.


I agree it's a bit tedious, but what I like is that there is now more opportunities to translate from English into Spanish - I felt the need to do the French tree from English to French and then from French to English, just to get enough opportunities to actually write in French. I'm doing the Spanish course now and I noticed that at level 4/5 there are more English sentences to translate into the second language. So, in the end it might save me the effort of doing the whole thing in two directions.


Of course the question of the money must be taken into account. These people are giving us their time and expertise and it is only fair that we all contribute. Those who are serious will pay and the rest will be gone. Now, the total number of students multiplied by the languages each student takes used to be 250 million 'student languages'. ( I added all participants in all languages). Let us assume that every student on average takes 7 languages, then the number of students is about 36 million! one hundredth of them, let us suppose, are dedicated students. Then the number of paying students will be 360000. I do not mind paying. But, as a paying customer I must have a say on the format of the courses given. Serious mistakes have been committed like abolishing the 20 question test and the present form of Duolingo. If they want to make it better they can simply make the trees fatter and taller. What a pity, I just loved to do my exercises every day. Now I am doing it without any enthusiasm and I fear that I will soon give it up and go elsewhere to learn languages. I am really so sorry it has become, in my opinion, so unpleasant.


Well I'm with Aisah, insofar as I find myself muttering "I'm so bored. I got that already.!" I used to do that a little, now I do it a lot and I'm making boredom mistakes and typos, which set me back even more. It is not a positive feedback cycle, which was duoLingos strength previously.

Emanuel at German is easy has an interesting take on the role of repetitive exercises in his latest post https://yourdailygerman.com/learn-vocabulary-fast-method/ .


In the spirit of following the recommendations as a proper evaluation of the "new" crown system, I went thru the German tree getting everything up to Level 3. Then I started over to do level 4. But sofar, ist the same damn questions at level 4 and level 5. What's the point in calling it a level, when its really a degree of repetition. Repetition is certainly necessary, but rote repetition is not. I'm afraid this crown system has not lived up to the promises, it's just old fashioned and tedious.


Thank you! It was so much better when you could test out of things you already know. Also, the ability to select what specific lesson you wanted to do was an advantage. These changes are putrid.


I just came back and I love the new crowns and the repetition. I really think it will help me learn. What I didn't like about the old system was that I never really learned the words. Now I do.


Kwiziq.com is a great language website and it does not prevent you from progressing. I like the easy practice I get from Duo because I believe in repetition, too. I also enjoy the cute characters. And my spelling still needs work. But, I agree the easy sentences can get old. Kwiziq levels correspond to standardized levels of French proficiency but it is not free. When you reach proficiency in a skill you are not given it over and over again.


ikr they won't even let me change my username to 6ix9ine

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