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  5. "vay' vIchaghpu'."

"vay' vIchaghpu'."

Translation:I have dropped something.

April 19, 2018

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I'm reporting this in a conversation because Duolingo thinks I merely forgot a space.

I should be allowed to translate this into English simple past tense, I dropped something. Klingon perfective does not equal only English perfect tenses. The difference between vay' vIchaghpu' and vay' vIchagh is that one describes a completed action and the other describes something that is not completed, like a general fact. vay' vIchagh, applied to something in the past, means something like it is a fact that a dropping of something happened. A fact is not completed, it just is. vay' vIchaghpu', on the other hand, describes a specific, completed action, not a general fact. Both may be true of the same event, and either may be used depending on context, but they mean different things.

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