"Der Garten ist voller Leben."

Translation:The garden is full of life.

March 23, 2013

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whom does the adjective VOLLER complement. I mean if it complements the noun LEBEN it should be VOLLES.

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    • voller Leben = full of life

    • volles Leben = full life


    I understand that, I just wanted to know what a form is VOLLER, i.e. is it a different word or some form of VOLL.


    That's a good question I think. Pons shows similar meanings for voll and voller, albeit voll seems more widely applicable: http://en.pons.eu/translate?q=voller

    Interestingly enough, they translate "The glass is full of water" as "Das Glas ist voll Wasser." Which suggests that you could probably say "Der Garten ist voll Leben." here. (I'm not 100% sure about this; but I don't see why not. Maybe Christian can comment on this.)

    I sure could use some instructions on when to use voll and when to use voller.


    So "voller" is used regardless of the noun's gender or number?

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      Yes. It's usually followed by a genitive, sometimes a dative.



      so if voller is followed by either genitive or dative , it is in this 'nominative' lesson to puzzle and improve its retention ;)


      is voller any kind of genitive?


      It's an adjective and they don't have cases. I believe this is a case where usage defines what is correct. In the case of voller it is used with the genitive.


      So, in the plural, 'voller Leute' would mean 'full of people'? How about 'voller Manner' (Umlaut on a)? Would that mean 'full of men' or 'full men'?


      Every time I listen to this, I hear "Lieben", not "Leben". (I got the transcribe activity). I listened to google translate for both words togther several times, and google gives Lieben the long e sound that ie makes. Dict.cc has recordings of real people - of the 4 people who pronounce Leben, 1 pronounces it like Lieben, and the other three make it sound like Ley-ben. Does Duo's audio sound right to native speakers?

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