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"I like the speed of this technology."

Translation:Ich mag die Geschwindigkeit von dieser Technologie.

April 19, 2018



Why is "von" necessary here? Doesn't it work to say, "Ich mag die Geschwindigkeit dieser Technologie."? I though that this is how the possessive construct works in German.


'Von' is superfluous. Your answer is correct.


Once again, it's not accepting the "hat gern" construction for "like".


You might want to read about the different meaning it carries: https://yourdailygerman.com/moegen-gern-gefallen-difference/

I don't think it sounds very appropriate in this context.


It would be "Ich habe die Geschwindigkeit dieser Technologie gern", but it's indeed very inappropriate. Gern haben has a strong "emotional flavor" that doesn't go well with an abstract term like the speed of a technology. It's used in situations like "I like you", "I like my teddy bear" or similar .


Das ist genau die Antwort, die ich gesucht habe! Danke sehr! Ich bin Deutschlehrer seit 13 Jahren und hab' das nie vorher gewusst!

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