"The movie starts at five."


April 19, 2018

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I think 五点电影开始 should also be correct


Probably not. Although in Chinese references to time are located towards the beginning of the sentence, putting the subject (电影) first is most correct.


I did a Google search for "五点电影开始" (with quotes - exact match) and got "no results found". But a search for "电影五点开始" (also exact match) gave a number of matches and when 钟 was added, even more and all the local movie listings were given.


I'm no expert, but I've lived in China for over a dozen years, and when the top of the hour is mentioned then the time is followed by ”钟“, like this: 电影五点钟开始. The "钟" is omitted when the time is not on the hour, as in: 电影五点半开始.

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