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Focused learning in the new crown system

OK. We are all navigating our way through the new Crown system. My advice to all is not worry about keeping the skills you know well golden. Really, it's a time waster. What I am now doing is going through the Tinycards app. Go through the cram, then the quiz. If I ace it, that skill is done in Duolingo. No need to spend an hour going through 20 lessons for a golden crown. I am going through my verbs, adverbs, etc. As I progress through the difficulty in a Tinycards lesson, and find a lesson I really have not mastered, I go into Duolingo and focus on that lesson. At least that is what is working for me and keeping me from spinning my wheels on lessons I already know. My Present Verbs 1 and 2 will never be golden. But I can live with that!!!

April 19, 2018



It appears that one can stop at crown level 5 or keep going until the crown turns golden. My present goal is to re-gold my German and French tress. It's an individual decision.

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You want your hair to be golden? ;-)


How do the spaced repetition (SR) intervals look like in more detail for TinyCards?

Has this ever been published by staff publicely or are they hiding?

For comparison: http://memrise-users.wikia.com/wiki/Memrise_Spaced_Repetition_Intervals

The Windows application AnkiSRS has very powerful settings and be fully customized!!!
Great support forum!

My advise would be, as I am already using the Memrise web portal for 1,5 years with a bunch of user scripts (e.g "all typing",...) from Cooljingle and other programmer gods ("timer disabler", etc.), to search for user-created "DuoLingo" courses on www.memrise.com/courses.

I quickly tried the prebuilt Tinycard decks for EN-PT for some topics and every time I somehow think "What the heck"....I simply don't seem to get it....
I did not have the impression that the decks of those skills were any complete?!

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