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An Unexpected Benefit from the Change to Crowns

I've always been bad at listening in Turkish. In the beginning, I told myself that the TTS was bad and that was the reason I couldn't understand. I didn't do any listening exercises on Duolingo. I told myself that there were lots of other ways to practice listening, and I practiced really hard, but I didn't get anywhere.

When Duolingo changed to crowns, I was just about to make my tree gold one more time and then stop practicing Turkish. I wasn't getting any benefit, I told myself. I did the first lesson to crown level 5, just to see what the system was like. It seemed OK. A little repetitive, but not too bad. I have a lot of stress in my life at the moment and I find Duolingo quite relaxing. I thought that I would go through the tree to level 5 until it was finished or I got bored.

I started my tree. It was easy. I could listen to the sentences and type them without any trouble. I didn't need to listen more than once. Then I got to the 5th skill: accusatives. Suddenly, it had become more difficult. I was not hearing the accusative suffix. Each time, I had to listen to the sentences more than once. The skill was accusatives, and I knew what I had to type, but I couldn't hear it. Now I am listening to each sentence over and over again until I hear the sounds that I should be hearing.

If Duolingo had not changed to the crown system, I probably would not have realised the extent of my issues with listening. I knew I was bad, but I didn't really know what the problem was. Now, I will do more systematic listening practice in the hopes of improving. Surprisingly, the new system has turned out to be an excellent way for me to improve my language ability.

April 19, 2018



I have found out a lot of things I hadn't realized using the new system. One is not just that I am careless, but that there are specific areas in which I am careless, and I am learning to address them better. But especially I have realized how much, in the old system, I focused on simply getting the right answer to something and then I let it go. Now I am learning it much better. I am really happy with this change.

April 19, 2018


I have problems listening to Vietnamese. For difficult sentences, I close my eyes to focus my senses on hearing. It helps a bit.

April 19, 2018
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