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"One day, he disappeared for good."

Translation:Un jour, il a disparu pour de bon.

April 19, 2018



Hmmm, ok. I have repeated lessons again and again and again that taught me "Elle part definitivement" means "she is leaving for good." But somehow "Un jour, il a disparu definitivement" is incorrect? I would really appreciate an explanation for this. Thanks!


mee tooo. or does this mean she's leaving ''...for the good of all'' instead of ''...and she's not coming back''?


CNRTL [http://cnrtl.fr/definition/définitivement] has "pour de bon" as a synonym of définitivement, so what you have should be accepted. For "Elle part définitivement", you're learning adverbs, so it sort of makes sense (not completely) to only accept définitivement.


i am still confused on the use of jour and journeé


I believe sitersurf. I believe that is his "username". Mentioned that "de" is not required on this phrase/sentence.Hope he sees this and gets back to me.


PercyPonce1....sorry this is off the subject but I thought Sitesurf was a "her".....not important...just a curious comment! ; )

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