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"The black bears are eating fish."

Translation:Les ours noirs mangent des poissons.

April 19, 2018



Would "Les ours noirs mangent du poisson" count as correct?


Yes, it would.


Why can't all the fish eat one fish?


Because that's cannibalism. Also, there's no "all" or "one" indicated in the meaning of the French sentence.


Bonjour George

I was just marked correct even though I put "noires" instead of "noirs".

Was this an error on Duos part ...or are bears considered to be "gender fluid" in french?!



It's a typo in our coding. Thanks for the comment I'm able to fix it.

  • Male black bears = les ours noirs
  • Female black bears = les ourses noires

And just like with other animals, everyone just calls them "ours" if the gender is not important or unknown.


Merci Beaucoup George :]


Can you comment on the 'du' poisson or 'des poisson' in the sentence ' The black bears are eating fish " bearing in mind that there is no indication of how many fish, 1 or more, are being eating nor the gender of the bears!


Fish can be countable or uncountable. This means that you can either count the individual fish (one fish, two fish, etc.) or give an unspecified amount of fish meat (I'm eating fish for dinner).

Another example: chicken. You can certainly go on a farm and count how many chickens they have (countable), or specify what you had for lunch: I had chicken for lunch. (uncountable).

As for the French articles, think about what you're trying to express: countable or uncountable? If you want to count the fish, use "des poissons". If the fish is not countable, use "du poisson". Remember that "des" is the plural of "un", and "du" is the partitive article (used for uncountable objects).

  • The bears are eating fish = Les ours mangent des poissons
  • The bears are eating fish = Les ours mangent du poisson

The first sentence means the bears are eating more than one individual fish. The second sentence means the bears are eating an unspecified amount of fish meat.

The gender of animals is a different issue, which I explained above.


j'ecris "les our de noirs mangent du poission


les ours = the bears plural, l'ours = the bear singular


"L'our" does not exist. The singular is "L'ours", with the S pronounced.

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