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"The women have to enter the gallery."

Translation:Las mujeres tienen que entrar a la galería.

April 19, 2018



You can also use 'en.' Las mujeres tienen que entrar en la galería.


I thought the 'a' was used only for people and animals??


Always used as ..to....


'a' is a preposition and it does not have a direct translation. It basically means 'at' or 'to', but it doesn't perfect translate. There are several functions of using it, and you will start to get them more easily with practice.


I believe everyone understands that "a" means "to." The question is why in the sentence, "The women have to enter the gallery" why is it necessary to say ...have to enter TO the gallery when the sentence already has "to enter" in it?


Literal translations of Spanish to English will often leave you with two prepositions in English, or sometimes with none when you're use to having one. The only way to approach this is memorization. Certain verbs require certain prepositions and attempts at literal translations will only hold you back. You just have to memorize the verb/preposition combinations.


Right. Why is "a" here?


Often used as the word "to". Not comparable to anything in english.

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