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when will the new French Tree

be out for everyone?

April 19, 2018



Soon I hope, but I believe it is still in the A/B test phase. I am loving it though and hope everyone gets it ASAP.


Have you tried yet?
I added the EN-FR course yesterday and I was already rolled out with 96 skills (tree 3.0).


no I still have the standard course


You can try on several other (new) account until one falls into the A/B test, if you really want to have it (makes sense to start with the new one).

But maybe you should first complete your Spanish tree and build a "language core" so you don't get too much confused as both are in the same language group: http://how-to-learn-any-language.com/e/languages/similarities/spanish/index.html

BTW: I am not "actively" learning Spanish, only did on Lingvist (1000 words in 11 days); I just "played around" a little bit with the "DuoLingo Android app placement test" to find some similarities with my Portuguese.


Will the new completed crown levels remain if you do not do Duolingo for a period of time?-
in the old Tree you lost levels-- With the new tree there is more content; that it's not possible to visit every section often.

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