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'German from Spanish' not in profile

I can switch to the course and see my progress, but I don't see the course in my profile or subscription list. Is this a known bug? Thanks.

April 19, 2018



same with me, it seems to show only the course with the highest level in one language. If I click on the flag it shows all the languages I learn. Only when I am in the discussions section it is restricted to the languages I learn from the language I am actually learning from at the moment (eg now I am learning Spanish from German and I can only see French, English and Spanish from German)


Thanks. Which courses appear if you click on 'edit subscriptions'?


Same here too. In addition to the courses that show on my profile, I'm working with Spanish from German, German from Spanish and Italian from Spanish. For those courses, I can't seem to find any place that gives me my current XP. As a result leveling up is always a total surprise.


Thanks. I just hit level 3 in 'German from Spanish.' It's a little harder for me to keep track of progress, but at least Duolingo seems to.

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