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"Were there attempts to reach the mountain?"

Translation:Ĉu estis provoj atingi la monton?

5 months ago



Mi ne komprenas :-(

5 months ago

[deactivated user]

    kion vi ne komprenas?

    ĉu - marks a question

    estis - past tense "it was, there were"

    provoj - from the verb "provi", to try; as a noun, "the action of one who tries" ; so "tries" or "attempts"

    atingi - "to achieve" or "to reach"

    la monton - "the mountain"; in the accusative; the object of "atingi"

    unless you don't understand why there was any trouble reaching the mountain, which I'm a little fuzzy on; I mean, mountains are right there, and you just need to walk or drive or something to get to them. climbing them, that can be the tricky bit,

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    Dankon. Mi ofte ne komprenas aferojn, kiuj estas simplaj por aliaj

    4 months ago