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Mauvais or Mauvaise - When is an English adjective treated as an adverb in French.

I've tried searching on-line several times to find a list of French verbs that act like sentir in this sentence: "This shirt smells bad." --> "Cette chemise sent mauvais." I understand that the mauvais does not become mauvaise because it is treated as an adverb of sentir in the French (or maybe a compound verb "sentir mauvais"). But I have two questions, 1. Does this apply to all adjectives/adverbs with sentir, or just bon/mauvais? (Is it, "Elle sent fraîche." or "Elle sent frais."?); 2. What other verbs have this attribute? (Is it all the stative verbs? Or a subset? Or something else altogether?)

April 19, 2018



1/ Dans cette construction, le verbe "sentir" est considéré comme intransitif. Donc tous les adjectifs seront employés comme adverbe et seront donc invariables. "Les fleurs sentent bon". "les fleurs sentent mauvais", "les fleurs sentent fort" etc

2/ Il y a effectivement des expressions consacrées où les adjectifs sont invariables parce qu’ils sont étroitement unis au verbe. Coûter cher, chanter faux (juste), filer doux, parler bas (haut), peser lourd, sentir bon (mauvais), tenir bon, travailler dur, voir clair, voler bas (haut).

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