"Mon pantalon est un jean."

Translation:My trousers are jeans.

April 19, 2018

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"My pair of pants are jeans." Should've been accepted.


In English you would not say "my pants is jeans" or "my pair of pants is jeans". Sorry.


"My pants is jeans" is not one of the correct answers.


Makes a refreshing change to see the word trousers used in a translation.


I can't understand "Mon pantalon" singular or pleural ???


Mon pantalon is singular in French and we can either write it "my pair of pants" or simply "my pants" in English.

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    Sadly, 'My trousers are having an existential crisis' was not accepted as a correct answer.


    That's what came up in the correct answer box.


    If you see that again, that is a bug since that answer is not in our database. Could you please screenshot it and file a bug report? Thanks.


    I keep trying to ignore this but trousers are never jeans and jeans are never trousers in Brit English. Pants are generally under garments but occaisionally unspecified outer garments.


    What is the difference between "ma" and "mon" ?


    Ma goes in front of feminine objects and mon in front of masculine.

    ma jupe → my skirt
    ma table → my table
    ma chemise → my shirt

    mon vélo → my bicycle
    mon stylo → my pen
    mon livre → my book


    I understand that direct translation is never a good thing when learning a language, but "Mon pantalon est un jean" translates to "my pants is a jean" or "my pair of pair of pants is a jean", which is confusing me. Can someone explain why it's telling me that "est un" means 'are' in this sentence instead of 'it is'? Would the sentence not be 'Mon pantalon sont un jean'? Thanks in advance!


    I meant to say 'my pair of pants is a jean'. Apologies!


    "My pair of pants is a jean" is also an accepted translation.

    The reason you can't directly translate from French to English and vis versus here is because un pantalon is singular in French, but "pants/trousers" are plural in English, even when it refers to one pair. So the French sentence must have the singular "est" for one pair, whereas the English sentence must have "are". However, if you like to keep the verbs the same, you can use "pair of pants/trousers is...".

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