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How to disable some lessons from practicing

There is some German material that I will remember till the end of my life. What I find annoying about duolingo is that it asks me to practice stuff that I know very well. And I do that boring stuff over and over, instead of practicing some new, more difficult material. I really, really know what a sentence "Hans ist mein Bruder" means and I don't want duolingo to asks me that every few weeks. I want to mark that lesson as "never ever bring that back for practice" or "disable for one year for practicing". How can I do that? I would be way more productive with duolingo if it didn't ask me for stuff that I know very, very well.

April 19, 2018



DuoLingo is missing a button to IGNORE words/phrases/sentences (like Memrise does it)!!!


Unfortunately, Duolingo has recently updated so no, there is not way you will be able to disable lessons. Some people have left Duolingo because of this same purpose. The new crown system is not very popular among the Duolingo users.


Yes! I agree! What does the crown bring you?


Among some* users ;)


I agree that there is much repetition, even of cognates that are too obvious.
I am also puzzled by sentences such as this: Help, the horse is eating the holy potato!


I absolutely agree. The inability to test out of a level is such a waste of time.


I could definitely be wrong about this, but it's my understanding that the practice button is only linked to skills you have reached level 5 in. Maybe it's giving you the same sentences over and over again for that reason. The more level 5s you complete, the more variety in your practice (use of the practice button).


Not quite. The general "Practice" button has always ignored the skills. It looks at the words you've seen before, picks a few of the ones it thinks you know worst, and then tests you on those. (The Duolingo staff have not said that this behaviour has changed and, from a learning perspective, it would not make sense to tie it to skills rather than words.)

Before the crowns system, once you did the lessons for a skill, you also got a practice option for that specific skill. The difference now is that Duolingo only shows you the skill-specific practice once you reach level 5 for that skill. In fact, the skill-specific practice is still accessible in the web version whatever your level. You can access it using https://duolingo.eu/mk939/progress/ .


I have that problem with Norwegian. It turns me off a bit with that language, but I continue anyway and just learn something else if I’m tired of typing in stuff I know very well.


I had completed the highest level in, Family 1 and 2, now the crowns disappeared, and I have to practice the same stuff again. Very frustrating.


Hi Minervita,

It looks like your progress on the app has not succesfully with the server: https://www.duome.eu/Minervita3/progress

It only shows crown level 4 for both skills in your EN-DE course.

Have you done the lessons on the web portal?
4 + 2 lessons are already registered for L5.
What is total displayed? Isn't it 10 or 20 lessons for the next crown level?

These are the statistics polled from your extended user profile: http://www.duolingo.com/users/Minervita3


Yes I fully agree with this, I want to mark certain material as 'DONE' whilst continuing to practice what I feel I need to improve!

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Agreed. There are some words, and in some cases entire lessons, that I just really will never never need, so would be good to skip these or stop them returning. So many phrases about ducks.


yes me too I don't want to practice countries and food, but also I want to keep the randomized practices

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