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  5. a bug-two skills are connected

a bug-two skills are connected

[deactivated user]

    Pos.Pron. and Nom.Pron. are shown as two separate skills. They are placed right under the second checkpoint.

    But whichever I do, both advance. They have the same amount of lessons in the levels. The sentences are different.

    It looks like a bug to me.

    Perhaps it is something from the old system, where one could advance more than one skill while practicing one (the most advanced of the two or three).

    April 19, 2018



    It seems to be a bug. Duolingo's staff should fix this.
    Please, submit a bug report via

    [deactivated user]

      Reported. Thanks for the link.


      I have the same thing


      ya this happened to me, Its a good way to get more crowns but is clearly screwed up

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