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  5. "I eat bread and butter."

"I eat bread and butter."

Translation:Je mange du pain et du beurre.

April 19, 2018



Why have articles here at all? My "Je mange de pain et de beurre" was rejected.


Why du instead of la or le in the object of a sentence?


When the noun is masculine we use "DU" instead of " de le " but when the noun is feminine we use " de la". In this case "pain and butter " are masculine so we have "DU" But you would have " de la viande (meat) and de la charcuterie ( cold meat)"


Having had the word tartines relentlessly drilled into me by Duolingo in the past as a word for pieces of bread and butter, I feel somewhat hard done by to see it rejected here.


Why du pain? What does du mean exactly?

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