Hello Duolingo team! I am a user of this'' applications.'' We found the mobile application and now I noticed it on the computer, very loud! :)) The problem is the following: When that comes with exercise,'''' Type in what you hear ... I hear the phone but the computer does not hear. Hear on the phone but the computer you can not hear? Something about the my computer? I use Google Chrome and Windows 7. Thanks in advance! :)

April 22, 2014


Hi gabi.nicol! Like DaPurpleAeros said, does your computer have a microphone? Well, this isn't necessarily a DuoLingo Troubleshooting problem, but if it's disturbing your language studies then you should probably get some help for it. If you do have a microphone, make sure that it is set on Sound Output, not sound input. However, if you try your microphone on another computer and it still doesn't work, then you should probably switch it. Last but not least, if you don't have a microphone, then you should (obviously) get one xD. Hope this helps! :)

There are three possible reasons why this can happen. If you don't have a speaker or speakerphone in your pc then connect one or disable listening exercises in settings. If you do have one, check the tool bar at the bottom. It looks like a speaker, check the amount of bars coming from it. Make sure it has a few bars. Finally, check the hardware for your speaker. Normally there's a volume slider or gear, and sometimes there's a mute button. Try those. If it still doesn't work, try some other media. Hope this helps, thanks, and bye.

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