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"A dog runs faster than a person."

Translation:Ein Hund läuft schneller als eine Person.

April 19, 2018



Either Mensch or Person should be accepted.


Either Mensch or Person should be accepted.

They are both accepted.

You can write either ... als ein Mensch or ... als eine Person.


Why can't rennt be used instead of läuft? I reported it in case it can be....maybe I don't know some rule about rennen being only for people or something. Like fressen instead of essen for animals.


I think in this context both are possible.


I've added it.


Thank you! That was super fast!!


It wasn't accepted for me. I'll report it.


Was ist die unterschied zwischen Mensch und Person?


What case is "a person" in in this question? I thought it was accusative but when I used "als einen Mensch" it came up incorrect.


What case is "a person" in in this question?

English doesn't distinguish cases with nouns, so that's not really important. And English comparison with "than" is... complicated (with some treating "than" as a conjunction and some as a preposition, so you may hear both "he is faster than I" or "he is faster than me").

In German, the noun after als is always in the same case as the thing you're comparing it with.

Here, you're comparing to the subject ein Hund, so it's als ein Mensch (nominative case).

An example where both nominative and accusative are possible, with different meanings:

  • Ich liebe dich mehr als mein Vater.
  • Ich liebe dich mehr als meinen Vater.

They're both "I love you more than my father" in English, but in German you can tell the difference between "I love you more than my father loves you" (comparing subjects: mein Vater is nominative like ich) and "I love you more than I love my father" (comparing objects: meinen Vater is accusative like dich).


Mensch should be accepted


I wonder if the phrase "Ein Hund läuft einer Person schneller" would stand right.


No. I've never heard something like that.


Why is "Eine Hündin" not allowed?


Can a Person be masculine "ein" or feminine "eine"?


Can a Person be masculine "ein" or feminine "eine"?

I think you're mixing things up here -- are you talking about a person or about the word Person?

The word Person is grammatically feminine: eine Person.

A person can, of course, be male or female.


why person is a woman? im a person and im a man. what the hell?


why person is a woman?

"person" doesn't mean "woman". A person can be a man or a woman, a boy or a girl -- any human regardless of age or gender.

The noun die Person has feminine grammatical gender.

But grammatical gender is mostly irrelevant. Just because die Person is grammatically feminine doesn't mean that a person is female. Kind of like how the English word "long" is not long.


It DOESN'T accept Person AND/OR Mensch! 01-Mar-2021.


It DOESN'T accept Person AND/OR Mensch!

No, of course not. You have to translate the entire sentence, not just one of its words.

So you have to translate "A dog runs faster than a person" into something along the lines of Ein Hund rennt schneller als eine Person or Ein Hund läuft schneller als ein Mensch. Not just into Person or Mensch -- let alone Person AND Mensch! Person Mensch is definitely not a correct translation.


Why an answer although correct, duo decides it is wrong, I think Duo lingo should reward that person with 50 lingots. Also why does Duolingo ask to submit your complain but nothing happens.lastly are there new lessons available?

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