"Les femmes possèdent ces livres."

Translation:The women own these books.

April 20, 2018

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Is "The women have these books" correct, too?


I tried that, but it said that it was incorrect. I then thought that it was because of the fact that "The women have these books" would directly translate to "Les femmes ont ces livres". So I guess that "The women have these books" is not as specific to "Les femmes possèdent ces livres" as "The women own these books". I might have something, but it doesn't mean that I am the owner.


Why not "the woman owns books


First, it is ''les femmes'' which is the plural form of ''la femme'' (sing.), so the translation is ''The womEn''.

Secondly, the determinant ''ces'' means ''these'' or ''those'', like you could physically point them, not just any random books, these ones in particular.

Therefore, ''The women own these books.''


There is an error in the sentence in French, which read "...ses livres". reported


I own you own he\she\it owns

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