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For practice with borken bubbles questions

Per a sticky with some phrases not having hints (looking at you 'eJ and 'oH etc) I couldn't find some ideas what the phrases might meen on google and or simply typed them wrong..the 3rd phase level2 starting phrases had just a blank for any suggestions what use and skipping it because of glitch didn't work Any suggestions for working around bugged lessons?

April 20, 2018



You can do one of two things, I would think: (a) either just imagine a word that might fit in the sentence and hope it's right (and if not, you'll be told the right answer and able to repeat the question at the end of the lesson), or else (b) open another webpage and consult an online Kilngon dictionary (such as at http://klingonska.org).

As for the specific words 'ej and 'oH, I believe there are explanations contained in the Tips & Notes for "Basic Sentences 1" and "Pronouns" units, respectively.


Klingonska Akademien is about 6 years out of date and will be missing any more recent words. I doubt there's much in this course that's from the last 6 years (though there's probably a word or two), but if you want to use a completely up to date word search, use http://Hol.kag.org


Some of the units towards the end of the tree use new words, showcasing vocabulary where we got a bunch of words on the same topic, e.g. "magic" or "particle physics".


And for 'IH, the tips & notes for "Dialogue".

I think after that, we stopped mentioning apostrophe-initial words in the tips and notes, and users will have to look in a dictionary or simply guess.

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