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  5. "That was a good investment."

"That was a good investment."

Translation:Esa fue una buena inversión.

April 20, 2018



Why not "Esa fue una inversión buena"?


"Eso era una buena inversión" should be accepted. "Eso" could refer to some indefinite object or a masculine noun (i.e.: un coche). And, "era" because the time frame is indefinite and possibly continuing, as in "the car was and still is a good investment".


I reported "eso fue una buena inversión"


I'd like a native speaker to weigh in on whether it has to be "esa" to match the gender of "inversión". That is, I don't know whether it's acceptable to use "eso" to refer to some indeterminate or masculine noun that you haven't named, as JohnsonNing has suggested.

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