"Elle mettait les assiettes sur la table."

Translation:She was putting the plates on the table.

April 20, 2018

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I said "placing" the plates on the table and it was rejected. According to a multitude of online sources, this translation should be accepted. It's frustrating how unreasonable this specific course is.


Did you report it? http://context.reverso.net/translation/french-english/mettait

Did you say "She was placing the plates on the table?"


I said that precisely -- marked wrong.


Please report it then.


why did it not accept she had?


What was your complete sentence? "She had the plates on the table." would be wrong. "She had put the plates on the table." would be the pluperfect tense in French and not the imperfect. "Elle eût mis les assiettes sur la table." http://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-french-verb-mettait.html


"She set the plates on the table" should be accepted


You could try reporting it or "She was setting the plates on the table." might be better suited to imperfect. http://context.reverso.net/translation/french-english/mettait


That was my translation, but it looks like it's still not accepted.


Did you report it as also correct?


It rejected "she was putting the dishes on the table". Reported 19 April 2018.


Assiette = plate, not dish. Dish = plat. Confusing because plat is a false cognate.


“Dish” has more than one meaning though. If it is a dish used to serve food to everyone or if it is referring to the course being served, then it is “plat”, but when you are talking about putting the dishes on the table, you could mean dishes for eating or plates, which would be “assiettes.” https://dictionary.reverso.net/french-english/Plat https://dictionary.reverso.net/english-french/Dish


What is "la vaisselle"? I thought the word "assiette" referred to the food offered on the plate.


“la vaisselle is a collective word for “the dishes”. We use it in the expression “to do the dishes” = “faire la vaiselle”.



Does the article in 'les assiettes' have to be directly translated here? I thought this could be 'she was putting plates on the table' but I was marked wrong?


Well, if she was doing it then I would use the article in English. In French they also use the definite article for a generalization where we would not use the definite article, but then you would not use the continuous form of the verb. “One puts plates on the table.” is an example of a generalization, but it is not a translation of this sentence.


Off topic. Duo never requests me to translate a sentence into French using the keyboard. I am always selecting word buttons. Is that a setting that I can change? Or I have to get to a certain level?


Yes, word tiles are used in the lower levels, so you will get past them at some time. The web version of Duolingo has an option to “Use keyboard”.


In the mobile app (android) most exercises force you to use the buttons. The browser gives a choice.


dishes are not the same as plates ?? this is really killing


That should also be correct, but there may be another error.


les assiettes--DUO rejected dishes, and only accepted plates--in American English dish and plate are interchangeable


Dishes really needs to be added. Dishes often means just the plates, not the food and courses. When I wash the dishes, I'm not washing a chicken.

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