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very bored - how can I get out of the repetitive stuff- I passed a test , but haven't found any more tests to get me ahead- I was 70 % fluent and now I am even more frustrated

April 20, 2018



Think you have reach the limit of Duo's teaching, as it's modus operandi is repetition.

Maybe you can take this into real life - read French magazines (Femme Actuelle), newspapers, books, films, songs, etc.


They are GREAT ideas :D

Thank you judith .

Also, to take time to read through Tips and Notes, and to check out Discussion forums and help others with language questions that they have. Also to watch/check out the Sentence Discussions, and answer questions that people have there.

Don't forget about Labs There are some good resources there.

Also creating your own Tiny Card Decks

And perhaps considering hosting your own events .

There is so many great things to do.

There is also a Translation Group, that you might be interested in joining. ( I have just misplaced the link ).




ohhh - another thing people often do - is to do the reverse course. Learning English from French. ;D


Or - reset your course And see how quickly you can proceed through to the end.


Try the reverse tree. You will answer far more in French, so it will be more difficult. Plus you can read all the comments and post in French too.

[deactivated user]

    apart from trying out some real life stuff, don't forget to get a serious coursebook with audio and exercises and learn the basics more deeply and in detail now, to be actually ready for those books or magazines etc. You might also like Kwiziq and Closemaster


    I didn't think I'd minded a change, been doing this for a few years now, but..... It's repetitive, don't think I'm learning very much and the fun is taken out! For instance; In Adverbs (as in all the others) you have to click on the words to translate the sentence, 'He is all red' Il est tout rouge, ok, so far so good, you have, as usual, 4 words left over, 'bad, told, contact, third', even if I didn't know how to translate this sentence, these words do not have anything to do with the translated sentence, come on Duo, give me at least some 'faux amis' or a different tense so I learn something! I like to go back to the original if pos! Update it yes! but as it is, it's dumbed down! AAAArgh FRUSTRATING!!!!!! (excuse for mistakes, this is not my first language)


    Yes bagen I agree with you. I've been making a list to send to Duo: When numbers are in the sentence, put more than one number; same with days, months, seasons, directions, mealtimes, today/tomorrow/yesterday; no caps in the sentence except for proper nouns and names; put both soy and estoy; eso/esto; pen and pencil; always/never; close/far; mucho/mas, right/left; up/down. But I think the way it works is, that the correct words are in the current word bank, and completely random words are inserted to fill in the spaces for that exercise. BTW, instead of using the word bank (clicking on the words), you can select 'Use keyboard' near the bottom center to type in the sentence yourself! have a great day!


    Tiny card decks yes


    You can have a look at YouTube channels that teach your target language. That's the way I started learning my target language.


    Looking at your progress: https://duolingo.eu/rosemaryho7/progress you've probably outgrown Duolingo ?? You could level up to 100% on everything but it would probably be boring to you ..


    On Apr. 16, 2018, I had earned 182 crowns but now I am at 177. This is too much, how can one lose crowns? Anyone else having this problem?


    I never really looked at that number, maybe it changes daily? Maybe it drops if you don't practice? Maybe it drops if you do practice? Nevertheless the number is unimportant because there is nothing to compare it to, you can't say 182 is any better or worse than 177. I just checked mine and it is 170, which means nothing to me. Since we do not really know how the number is calculated or how it compares to other users it really does not help us measure our progress.


    Apparently you are testing the new Spanish tree. You'll read the explanation here:



    I'm frustrated as well. I'm probably going to leave as now I'm having to do hours of exercises with stuff like "I am eating an orange" to get a number on a crown. I just can't believe how badly Duolingo got wrecked with these changes.


    You seem to be at about the same level in French as me. I had finished the course several weeks ago and was looking forward to just keeping the skills golden and concentrating more on learning Spanish and German. Now I find myself spending ages on the basic French and am considering ditching it altogether. Frustrated. Yes. Annoyed at the waste of time. Definitely yes. If I had known this would happen I would not have started the process in French to begin with as I was always far from being a beginner in that language.

    I know there are many more confident linguists who feel this way. Why throw the baby out with the bath water? The courses were fine as they were. I am not a quitter and have tried really hard to adapt to the new system but feel very cheated. Please Duolingo consider reinstating the old system for those of us who had successfully finished a course!!!!!

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