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"Ani jednou se na nepodívaly."

Translation:Not once did they look at me.

April 20, 2018



"they didn't even look at me once". Why is this wrong?


added this one


Both "They didn't look at me once" and "Not once did they look at me" are accepted, with "even" they are rejected.
I think that should be fixed.


We do support "even" in many positions. Please report the exact translations you are missing.


When I write 'nepodívali', I am told my answer is correct, but that I have a typo, and that it should be 'nepodívaly'. In the absence of a feminine marker (most probably 'ony'), how are we meant to know which spelling is correct?


You must always report the complete sentence. Best is to also use "My answer should have been accepted."

We actually have more forms with the masculine i, I added some more feminine ones. No idea what you were missing though.


OK, I did write the complete sentence (hence being told my answer was correct!), but as "Ani jednou se na mě nepodívali." I was just curious as to how we are expected to know from hearing the sentence whether is it 'nepodívali' or 'nepodívaly'.


Well, you were told you have a typo, that is not completely correct. No, you cannot tell if it is -li or -ly, that's why all have to be supported and why the audio exercise has to be disabled. Was it an audio exercise by any chance? If it is not disabled already I will disable it right now.

The main point is - always report the complete sentence when asking here. When it was some special kind of exercise (audio, form selection), tell it as well.


Můžu poprosit o vysvětlení slovosledu v angličtině? Čekal bych not once they did... Takhle to vypadá jako otázka.


Vyžaduje to to "not once" na začátku.

we also sometimes use inversion in other cases, when we are not making a question."

https://www.perfect-english-grammar.com/inversion.html bod 1

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