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Lost all my progress 55% French, and lost my Duolingo Plus?

When i wanted to do my dayly French lesson, I saw that i had lost my 55% Franch and my 15 day streak and was back to 0.

I send feedback to Duolingo, but all i got as a reply was: ,,Thanks for the bug report, we're working on it."

After this I thought; ok, I'll take my loss and I'll start all over again. After doing a lesson, i got a commercial and i found out that i had lost my Duolingo Plus aswell. Although i have payed for it...

I would really like to learn French on Duolingo.... Please help???

Kind regards,


April 20, 2018



It sounds like you may have accidentally created a new account. Losing the streak is commonplace, but losing your actual progress suggests something else has gone wrong. Most likely scenario is that you accidentally made a new account instead of logging in to your old one.

Either way, the French team cannot help you.


DesC7 wrote:

What will happen is someone who is a mod, or who wants to be a mod will ask you to change the subject header of this post from French to Troubleshooting.

Please do that. :) Don't create another post, just edit this one and select the right forum from the drop down list.

flootzavut wrote:

It sounds like you may have accidentally created a new account.

This. The account was created a week ago, therefore a 15 day streak is not possible. Just log in to your previous PLUS account.
(Edit: Isn't your old account this one? https://www.duolingo.com/LarsvanOve)


I lost 67% at level 24. Totally gutted....

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