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mich and dich, mir and dir

hey guys, have always wondered the protocol behind mich and mir and dich and dir, i know both mean me and you, but am confused as when to use both, are they just interchangable or is there a rule concerning this?

April 20, 2018



Hi Sam, in German we have four cases. And whenever you put a personal pronoun into a sentence to you have to be aware which case to use.

Ich gebe dir ein Bild. You could ask: Wem gebe ich ein Bild? The answer to the question is in the dative case, so you use dir.

Er gibt mir ein Bild. Wem gibt er ein Bild? mir =dative

Ich male dich. You could ask: Wen male ich? The answer to this question is dich = accusative case.

Er malt mich. Wen malt er? mich = accusative

You see, the usage is depending what function this word has in the particular sentence. There are some more rules.. ;-) If youwant to know more just ask..


is it bad that i still dont understand? ive been researching the cases, watching videos, and reading. i still dont understand all of the dative and nominative and accusative and whatever. it's really frusturating, and i just dont get it


which one you use depends on whether it is the direct object (accusative case) (mich, dich) or the indirect object (dative case) (mir, dir) in the sentence.

I give you the prize. Ich gebe dir den Preis.

I love you. Ich liebe dich.


But still there are Germans here that can not cope with this too. Sometimes it is used wrong in jokes too.


in jokes yes. (i too do this sometimes simply to annoy my brother.) but i do not know one single german who really can not cope with what.

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