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  5. "Nous dormons."

"Nous dormons."

Translation:We are sleeping.

March 23, 2013



we are sleeping <- Is this a correct sentence?


absolutely correct. note that the continuous verbal form "are...-ing" does not exist in French. if you want to translate "we are sleeping" more closely than "nous dormons", you have to use: "nous sommes en train de dormir".


what does "en train de" even mean?


"ĂȘtre en train de + infinitive" = "to be in the process of + gerund".


Can someone conjugate dormons


Infinitive: dormir
Indicative present: je dors, tu dors, il/elle/on dort, nous dormons, vous dormez, ils/elles dorment.


Elle dors if translated as She's asleep is accepted, but Nous dormons must be rendered only as We sleep/are sleeping. Is there a difference I can't feel?


Elle dorT = she sleeps or she is sleeping or she is asleep Nous dormons = we sleep or we are sleeping or we are asleep

there should not be any difference beween "she" and "we" in terms of construction/translation


Shhh, hear that? They're sleeping! Be quiet and don't wa.... Hey, wait a minute...


I experimented with "We are asleep" rather than "We are sleeping" and the answer was rejected. Why?


we are asleep = nous sommes endormis


Just out of curiosity, I have used the construction "to be asleep" for all of the questions in this lesson to translate conjugations of dormir. It was rejected in this one and two previous ones, but was accepted in three others. It seems that the issue isn't that it is incorrect, but that there is no consistency. I have reported it.


Fixed, thanks.


Wow, that was fast! Thanks. :)


Wow, I am really surprised! This sounds exactly like "Nous dormez" and not at all like Nous dormons. The sound is really horrible.


"Nous dormons." is what I hear at the top of this page. If you continue to have this problem, report it. "Dormez" is used with "vous" try listening to native speakers say words or phrases: http://www.forvo.com/search/dormons%20dormez/


I listened to the native speaker on the web site given say "nous dormons" and it plainly sounds like "dormons", but on Duolingo the pronounciation given was and is plainly "dormez". The "vous" and "nous" are also hard to distinguish on Duolingo. I wish I could agree with you, but I beg to differ.


I am so sorry. Try reporting it! Some user interfaces are different from others and it has been reported that not everyone hears the same recording.


Is "dormons" in any way concerned with "dormant"


Both are verbal forms of the verb "dormir":

  • "nous dormons" is the form of 1st person plural in indicative present (je dors, tu dors, il/elle/on dort, nous dormons, vous dormez, ils/elles dorment)
  • "dormant" is the present participle or gerund, that you cannot use after verb "ĂȘtre": I am sleeping = je dors OR je suis en train de dormir.


actually I meant he relation between French word "dormons" and English word "Dormant" as both sound almost the same and mean almost the same too.

[deactivated user]

    They both come from the same Latin source meaning sleep. An animal which is dormant is in a deep sleep, like hibernation. Plants can be dormant, too, resting inactive, not growing. The English word dormitory is also related - it's a place where people sleep.


    Wow! Thanks for the help after one year :)


    My french teacher happens to hate the verb "dormer" because we use it all the time. There are also a fair amount of people sleeping in class


    The infinitive is dormir (not dormer)


    We're should also be accepted


    "We sleep" and "We are sleeping" are both grammatically correct. But as a stand alone statement, the latter could only be said truthfully by somebody talking in their sleep.

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