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"It is an animal that lives in Africa."

Translation:Es ist ein Tier, das in Afrika lebt.

April 20, 2018



Shouldn't the verb here be "wohnt" instead of "lebt" since we are probably talking about where the animal resides and not that it is alive?


Is there a grammatical distinction between people and animals like there is with essen and fressen? Leute wohnen und Tiere leben? Does wohnen apply only to dwellings, like Wohnung?


Yes. Wohnen in the context of living implies a human made dwelling. What you could say is 'ist beheimatet' as in 'Das Tier ist in Afrika beheimatet'


This would correlate to Old English: hit is an deor þæt in African lifað, or modern it is a deer that in Africa liveth (deer originally just meant animal in general).


Why in this case : "Es ist ein Tier, das in Afrika lebt" and NOT : "Es ist ein Tier das lebt in Afrika"? Thanks


Because when you to say 'das', the verb goes to the end of the sentence. Same as: Er ist ein Mann der Fleisch isst = He is a man who eats meat


it is "die Tier" => eine Tier Am is wrong?


    Wrong :P

    Tier is a neuter word (das Tier), which you can see by tapping or hovering on the word Tier in the sentence above. Your choice of articles would correspond to a feminine noun.


    Why not dass (double S)? It is a relative pronoun, not a neutral article, right?

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