"You were cleaning the kitchen."

Translation:Tu nettoyais la cuisine.

April 20, 2018

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why not, tu as nettoyé la cuisine ?


In English, "were cleaning" is the past progressive tense or imperfect tense. This corresponds with the French imparfait in most instances. Tu nettoyais la cuisine = you were cleaning the kitchen. Tu as nettoyé la cuisine = you cleaned the kitchen.

[deactivated user]

    Though my answer was accepted, I'm curious as to why it's saying my answer had a typo in it...

    I chose to write it formally : Vous nettoyez toute la maison chaque printemps.

    Where's the alleged typo exactly?


    You might be mixing two different exercises here since the sentence to translate was "you were cleaning the kitchen". However, the verb should be in the imparfait: vous nettoyiez la cuisine. Don't forget the i or it is in the present tense, and the meaning is different.


    There is no 'i' in the given answer


    No, the given answer is in the "tu" form, tu nettoyais. For "vous" you'd write "vous nettoyiez".

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