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"What's the price of this watch?"

Translation:¿Cuál es el precio de este reloj?

April 20, 2018



I put "qué es..." but was marked wrong. Anyone explain why please?


At the beginning of a sentence like this (i.e. not directly in front of a noun), "qué es" is used for things like definitions, things you could look up in an encyclopedia, for example. What is sodium chloride?


Thanks, piguy3 for your clear explanation.


Here is a more thorough write-up of the choice between "qué" and "cuál". I would mention that at least in the English-from-Spanish course, you'll see "cuál" (as opposed to "qué") immediately before a noun. You'll also very likely see Spanish-speaking users complaining about this usage in the relevant discussion. My impression is that there is regional variation.

The important case of "¿Qué es esto/eso?" also doesn't clearly fit into the "look it up in a dictionary" guideline for when to use "qué," but I suppose if you expand the set of reference works to include Google Image look-up, it'd still work ;)

EDIT (addendum to first paragraph): The Real Academia Española officially says "cuál" is equivalent to "qué" before a noun, but that this usage is much more common in the Americas than in Spain.


Thanks. That article is helpful.


Didnt understand jack, frm all you typed


I always equate "cuál" with "which," and then follow this logic:

Of the many prices that this watch could possibly have, WHICH ONE does it have?

In Mexico they often say, "Cuál es su nombre?" I always thought it was a strange turn of phrase until I thought, "There are millions of names in the world; WHICH of those millions is yours?"

Thinking this way helped me understand the usage. Every language has its own unique logic. Try to find it! I hope this helps.


My answer was 'cuánto cuesta este reloj' and it was accepted. I wasn't sure whether qué was right in this situation. Based on puguy3's post, I'll use cuál if it's not directly in front of a noun.


Is it wrong to say "Que precio tiene este reloj?", that was another way it was worded when asking for prices in this same lesson and now it's marked wrong


"¿Qué precio tiene este reloj?" was accepted for me. 11/28/20


I put, "qué precio tiene este reloj", which was marked correct, and seem to fit using qué before a noun. I guess this is technically correct, but it is it way that someone would ask for the price?


I put cual precio es este reloj but it was marked wrong. Can anyone tell me why?


Your phrase means "which price is this watch?"


So how come I was shown ¿Cuánto cuesta este reloj? as the correct answer?


Thanks for the link


Yes thanks for the link, very helpful


I used Cuánto cuesta este reloj? And it did not get accepted


what's the difference between 'Que" and "Cual"


Never mind! just saw the explanation below. Sorry!


what is the difference between este and esto? I understand that esta is feminine but for masculine words, how do I know which to use?


This has been asked numerous times in different discussions. It is also explained by Duolingo under the Tips. When you click on a skill, click Tips for essential info and hints about Spanish. Click them and learn.

Este is masculine, esta is feminine. Esto is more esoteric. Learn more at https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/5388844/When-do-you-use-Esto-esta-este-eso-esa-ese-estos-estas


why de is used here?


I'm confused about este vs esto before a masculine noun .They are both refered to as this.


Asking about esto is a favorite activity in the discussions. Please read the thread and let us know if you still don't understand.


My line of thinking for using qué over cuál (and i had a very long interal debate before i went with qué and ultimately got it wrong) Cuál is used for choosing from a between a number of outcomes, (like the english which), right? I thought qué was more open ended. So when the question asked how much does the watch cost, there are infinite possibilities because there are so many numbers and coin amounts. It isnt a situation i would think to use Cuál. Do u always use Cuál with numbers or something? If i can just memorize that rule, even tho this doesnt make sense to me, i can just memorize that and move on. If not, please explain! Im so hopelessly confused


Can you see my replies in this thread?


Why not que instead of cual?

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