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  5. "paq laD be'."

"paq laD be'."

Translation:The woman read a book.

April 20, 2018



If I said "paq laDbe'", would that mean "He/She doesn't read the book"?



(Or "He didn't read a book" or "She is not going to read books" or "They will not read any books" or various other possibilities.)


Thanks for the confirmation!
I just realized there's a typo in the above English sentence. It should say "The woman READS a book." instead of "The woman READ a book."
Reporting it here as a comment since I don't think there's a way to retake the lesson and report it normally.


Pronounce it as "red" and it will make more sense. It is not an error, but rather a confusion of the tense.

Even so, thank you for reporting it. Even if you had found it again, the "There's an error in the translation" report doesn't tell us anything about what error you think you saw. It is much better to report those kinds of things in the forums where you can explain the problem as you have done here. Let us know if you see anything else that seems strange.

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