New domains for the Unofficial Streak Hall of Fame etc. site

For those of you using the Unofficial Streak Hall of Fame at in order to see what unit to practice next etc:

There is an anouncement on their main page that, in collaboration with Duolingo, will soon redirect to They had to choose a new domain name. For the time being (and for at least a year) they have three, and they will see if they want to choose to keep one of them in the future. So, apart from, which will soon redirect to the official site, there are now also:

April 20, 2018


There should be some kind of poll to decide which of the 3 to use. Otherwise people will keep posting links to whichever they feel like and that will increase the number of broken links if the one they chose happens to go away (or worse, it can end up in the hands of a hacker and replaced with a phishing site).

April 21, 2018

Yes, there is one now! It can be found on their main page.

EDIT: I Had posted a direct link to the poll, but there is a new poll set up now, better check their main page to be sure you have the correct one.

April 22, 2018
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