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Increase time for timed practice at later stages?

If you reach later stages, the 30 seconds for the timed practice is barely enough to translate one sentence. Also, if I make an error, there is no time to see what I did wrong. I think it would be useful to a) pause the clock after checking your answer to see your errors/read the discussions if needed b) increase the time bonus for correct answer at later stages. Translating sentences like 'Yesterday I spoke with the teachers of my sons' obviously takes more than 7 seconds. Also, this way I tend to get less points, often see the owl crying, have a feeling that I'm stuck with learning, which is really frustrating after a time :(

March 23, 2013



We are removing timed practice from the skill path. You'll only see timed practice when you click on 'practice your weakest words'. Hopefully this will make it more enjoyable for you! Don't want you to feel frustrated because of the timed practice, and this should fix that :) Also, thank you for the detailed feedback.


I think exercises are very important, and also timed practices are so, but they have their place. They are very useful in the early stage, and I really used to liked them, until the point when I still had the chance to do it 20/20 and beat the clock :) (yes, I can type quite fast, and as a Hungarian, I have most the accents needed ready on the keyboard :) ) So maybe they could be kept in the first one or two stages of the skill three, where the sentences are less complicated. In the 'weakest words' it's really good, I guess.


Oh, that's good to hear. I can't type fast enough, accurately enough, to beat the timer, and hitting "return" doesn't advance me to the next question any faster than clicking "check" and "continue." So while I'm consistently answering every question correctly, I run out of time every time, just because my fingers and my computer don't move quickly enough. Timed practice would be great for a live classroom setting, but it's really kind of defeating as an online exercise.


I think timed practice is really useful because it forces you to think very fast. However, I think that it would help just incredibly if the time bonus of a question was somewhat proportional to the next question coming up. This is a particular concern at the later levels when you have to listen through some pretty long sentences; sometimes even a few times if you want to get it right.


I agree with vidakris's points. I'd also say I like both the practise without timer and practise with options. I find it valuable to practise with a timer; it forces you to think on your feet, whereas when you practise without a timer you tend to sit back and think about how to translate a sentence, which has its place, but doesn't really push you as much. Also it's a new way of setting yourself goals. I think my (probably feeble) record is seven sentences with the timer, which I was quite happy with and also quite keen to beat the next time.


Would it be possible to set the amount of time bonus depending on the complexity (length?) of the sentences to be translated?


This idea is great, and shouldn't be any trouble to code, I would think.


Have heard that timed exercises and perhaps practices were going to fade away or be optional.


Yes, you're right (I think we must have been typing at the same time). Check out my comment below :)


I almost always "Practice without timer," unless I'm feeling bored or don't mind seeing the owl cry! I usually don't do the timer until I'm reviewing something I've seen many times.


Yep, but this way if you lose all the hearts, you get no points...


That's true. Practice with timer is a nice way to rack up some quick gold, too.


I think that the time you get to complete a sentence should be proportional to the length of that sentence. Otherwise, the tool is practically unusable at the later stages with longer sentences and words which is a shame because I really like how it is pushing you to think fast, like in a real conversation.

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