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keeping streaks

Hey I work 13 hours a day and when I get home I'm exhausted! Any advice to give me on how to maintain my streak? Thanks xx

April 20, 2018


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With a busy schedule like that, perhaps you can look for a daily moment that you have to wait for something, for example when you're on a train, while your food is heating up during cooking, etc. This way you can have a fixed moment of the day without really losing time you'd otherwise spend on something else.

Good luck with your studies.


Good advice thanks! Your streak count is very motivating! Enjoy a lingo :)


If your tired just do an easy lesson to get by for a day. If you are up late do 1 lesson at 11:45 and the 2nd lesson at 12:01 then your covered for the next day. But then taking a day or two off can be good for the brain.


good idea! thanks


you could buy a streak freeze, from the lingot store, whenever you don't feel up to practicing.


that's a good idea


Or try duolingo stories.


yeah i haven't tried those yet but I'll try it today! :)


I do one lesson in the morning with my morning coffee for the streak, and then if I have time and energy during the day I do more practice with no pressure


That's a great suggestion! I'll start doing that thanks!


I lost my first one when I was moving house and it slipped my mine one evening. Duolingo very kindly offered to restore it for a large amount of money!! I'm working on an 108 day streak now! need to focus and not forget again!

PS, need friends for the award! Please add me :)


thankyou! very motivating to see someone with a 112 day streak!


lol probably a good idea but I'm actually saving for a trip to France!


Ah, that makes lot of sense.

Sort of an interesting dilemma in a way... not enough time for studying French because of the need to work to in order to save enough to be able to go to France ;-)

But without dilemmas life would be boring.


Do an easy one. Or click on practice. Those usually only take a few minutes.

There's a feature that allows you to trade your lingots for streak credit. I suppose you could do that. I don't think I'll use that because it feels wrong to me. If I miss a day then I miss a day. I'll lose that little pomegranate thing (or whatever it is) but most importantly I won't forget all the spanish or french I learned just by missing a day.


thanks appreciate your honesty

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