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Does it exist texting abbreviations in Spanish like in English?

For example:

You = u
Are = r
For = 4
Too = to
Be = b
See = c
Why = y

What would be those in Spanish?

April 20, 2018



We used a lot of abbreviations back in the times of the SMS. But now they're considered bad and uncomfortable, though they appear in jokes and memes. But in general you should 100% avoid them.


I don’t think a lot of those words listed really exist abbreviated in Spanish texting but here’s an article about Spanish texting; https://www.fluentu.com/blog/spanish/spanish-text-message-slang/

I personally like “@“ in place of “o/a”. It’s shorter and catchier to the eye. (I see sentences like “quiero amig@s para hablar en ingles” a lot on Duolingo).


There was a lot of use and abuse of them in SMS's, but they aren't so frequent in other texts. They vary in different countries and ages. Some known abbreviations are "x = por", "2 = -dos (kri2 = queridos)", "k = que", "tkm/tqm = te quiero mucho", "$ / $$$ = dinero, plata (no tengo $ / no tengo $$$)".


Like Chilotin said, they vary from country to county. For example, instead of using k for qué or que, some people use q. qué = q, que = q, por qué = xq, porque = xq, OVNI = Objecto Volador No Identificado (UFO), pronounced ohvnee, pa' = para


Yes, but OVNI is an actual acronym (people say it aloud) and pa' is a shortened form, also in speech.

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