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Got 227 Crown Level Without Doing Anything??

This is the first time I've logged into Duolingo and since the update adding in crowns (I'd previously completed the German tree and reached level 25), and suddenly I've got all these shiny new crowns without doing any practices since that update. How long was Duolingo counting practices for in order to award people crowns for work they'd previously done before that update?

And anyone got a link to the forum post where they say how many practices per crown level?

April 20, 2018



When Duo made the switch to crowns, it automatically placed you in a level in crowns. For instance, you might be in crown level one throughout your tree, and each is worth one crown, so you automatically have 227. (This is just an example, I'm sure you are in crown level three in a couple.)


When the conversion was done, some credit was given for work done prior. I think I started around 340 crowns. The FAQ (which has so many replies it's currently almost unusable) said that already completed skills would be placed between crown level 1 and 3 depending on how many times you had completed the sentences for that skill. They deemed levels 4 and 5 "too hard" and opted not to automatically place any one into those. The total crown level you see at the top is just the crown levels for each skill added together.

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If you want to have a better look at your progress go to:

There are 607 possible crowns, I think that is only for the English>German course.


That’s interesting, I’ve not seen that progress report before. Cheers :)


Neat trick! Can you do that for any user?

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